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Our laying hens are a mixed flock of heritage breeds and are running with cockerels to allow a fuller display of the hens natural behaviours and instincts. They are free to flap and roam under our orchards, and help with the pest pressure. The girls also have plenty of open space so they can peck and cluck as they please. They graze on our multi species pastures which makes our eggs so flavoursome, bright and nutritious all the year around. 

​We feed our flock on a mixed diet of GM free layers pellets, and left overs that are produced on the farm. ​They forage under our orchards feasting on windfall apples and soft fruit. Nearly all of the farm waste from the fields get fed to the chickens. The hens have a secure house to sleep in at night and electric fencing to keep the predators out.

What happens to the girls when they retire?


We retire our hens when they are 2 years old and allow our customers and others to buy them direct from the farm to keep as family pets. The countdown below is when our next flock of hens are available. To reserve your birds for please email us at There is no limit to how many you can have, but we can only hold them for a few days. We will need to either take full payment or a deposit before you collect your hens. We will send you a picture of them too. Any hens left get donated to our friends over at Fresh Start for Hens, who re-home them up and down the country.

Prices:                                                 Hens available in...

(2 breeds available, please check with us)                                               (next date hens available from) 

£5 each for 1 hen up to 10 hens

£4 each for 11 hens or more




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